Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cut Box Gallery: Night Raiders (1990) - Cineplex Odeon Video (Canada) VHS

Title: Night Raiders
Box Tagline: "They've got their own way of taking out terrorists. Hit them hard. Hit them fast. Hit them after dark."
Original title: Night of the Kickfighters
Genre: Action
Year of Release: 1990
VHS Release Year: 1991
Tape Catalog #: COHV6143
Origin of tape: Canada
Runtime: 89 Minutes
Director: Buddy Reyes
Starring: Adam West, Andy Bauman, Marcia Karr, Lisa Alpert, Carel Struycken
Distributor: Cineplex Odeon (Home) Video/MCA Home Video Canada
Box Type: Slipcase


- Released on video in 1991 by Cineplex Odeon Video and MCA Home Video Canada
- The Cineplex Odeon Video logo appears at the beginning of the tape.
- Was originally released on video in the United States by AIP Home Video as "Night of the Kickfighters."
- As of 2013, this film has yet to be released on Region 1 DVD. It is, however, available on DVD in Germany, but it is dubbed.

My quick thoughts:

Low budget and unintentionally hilarious are only understatements for this DTV action classic! Seriously, this movie is on the same level as a Zucker Bros. movie. The lead in this, Andy Bauman, looks a lot like Howard Dean. And some of the camera work and martial arts just have to been seen to be believed. Seek it out!

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