Friday, September 13, 2013

Ultra-Rare trailer for Cursed (1990) + Brief review of said trailer

Not too long ago, I uncovered an ultra-rare trailer for Mychel Arsenault's 1990 Quebec-lensed horror film, Cursed (1990), which I reviewed here on this blog way back in January. I was quite surprised to see that this film actually did have a trailer, advertised as "Gargoyle". I managed to find it on a DVD+R of the Canadian cop thriller Slow Burn (1989), sourced from the Belgian/Dutch VHS release. That movie, in turn, was a quite entertaining actioneer, but more on that at a later time.

Anyway, I found the trailer to be, like the actual film, quite haunting, thanks to the addition of "O Fortuna" playing through the trailer, yet also cheesy at the same time because of some tacky editing, some exaggeration from the trailer's announcer (which to my surprise, turned out to be the late, great Don LaFontaine), and some scenes in the trailer being unnecessarily sped-up. Still, I'm glad to have found such a rare trailer, being the long time movie trailer connoisseur that I've always been.

I also noticed some scenes that were not in the actual film, so that leaves me to wonder if there's a version out there with this additional footage. I strongly doubt it, though.

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