Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Eliminators (1986) - 1986 U.S. Playhouse Video VHS vs. 1986 Canadian Cineplex Odeon/MCA VHS

Now here's a real favorite of mine! This Charles Band produced Sci-Fi action flick Eliminators has been a guilty pleasure of mine ever since renting it at the now-out of business Hollywood Video on Woodway here in Houston at the age of 10. Some really great action, neat effects, especially for it's time, and a plot that does, in my personal opinion, make the film really all the more awesome.

I've had the Playhouse Video VHS since 2008 when I found it at a local Mom & Pop store for just a dollar. Only recently I obtained the even rarer Canadian VHS from Cineplex Odeon/MCA through a Facebook deal. Like with any other Canadian tape of a film I already have a U.S. tape of, I wanted to post some pictures of the 2 tapes to compare them with.

Like with a few others, the only real difference, or advantage between the two tapes is that the Canadian VHS can actually be backed up onto a DVD-R, while the U.S. VHS is copy-protected. Once again, the only downside is that the Canadian VHS lacks Closed Captioning, while the U.S. VHS had subtitles.

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