Sunday, October 14, 2012

Some screenshots from the British Hollywood DVD release of Hired to Kill (1990)

Here's a budgeted British DVD release of Nico Mastorakis's 1990 Action classic Hired to Kill (1990) that sort of got a quiet release in 2002 by a company called Hollywood DVD. Try to picture this as the kind of movie that would be playing on The Simpsons' TV set, as one IMDb reviewer said.

Mercenary Frank Ryan (The Terminator's Brian Thompson in a rare leading role) is recruited along with seven beautiful women to rescue a rebel leader jailed on a Greek Island fortress. Ryan and his fellow female soldiers pose as a fashion designer and his models on tour to avoid any sort of suspicion from the Island's flamboyant dictator (Tommy's Oliver Reed). All I can say is if you manage to find a copy on any format, pick it up. You will not regret it.

Meanwhile, the British DVD has a surprisingly good Widescreen transfer that's properly anamorphic but has only one bonus feature, the film's trailer. The sound quality is on the same level as well.

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