Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blind Fear (1989) - 1989 Malofilm Home Video VHS vs. 2002 Platinum Disc DVD

To start things off, I actually really enjoyed this partially unknown Canadian thriller which has a nice twist ending to boot. But what I wanted to do today is make comparisons between the original Canadian VHS from Malofilm, started by French-Canadian producer Rene Malo, fyi, and the 2002 Platinum Disc DVD, which is sourced from the Malofilm VHS. I recently bought the Malofilm VHS and transferred it to a DVD-R and noticed some improvements over the Platinum Disc DVD, which I've had since January. One of the few improvements that this DVD-R has over the Platinum DVD is that when the DVD-R is played on my computer, the sound comes out of both speakers, while on the Platinum DVD, sound only comes out of the right speaker. The Platinum DVD also has some encoding errors such as brief pixels that show up during the film, while this DVD-R thankfully, lacks that. The biggest improvement however, is the picture quality. The Platinum DVD had sort of a green tint to it, and looked a bit rough too, while on this DVD-R, picture is a little bit softer yet clearer.

Here are some pictures for comparisons:

 1989 Malofilm Home Video VHS

2002 Platinum Disc DVD

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